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Monday, March 20, 2006

There was a huge flood. And I needed to go out to get something, possibly rent some movies. The waters were raging all around my house, and I got into a car being driven by a black man. We went straight down the center of the river in a car, i was on the Vltava now, going under the bridges in prague. Somehow I made it back to my house, and I was watching a video, my ex girlfriend had become a pop star, and she was doing this video where she was dressed as a cheerleader, and there were a bunch of close ups of her mouth smiling. She then appeared, and was there with her mother, somehow there was a big party going on in the house now, and we were trying to get everybody out. I was trying to set up all my king vitamin equipment for a practice, but I couldn't find my mixer. I kept on looking for it, and I had a show coming up in this small theater that had a large piece of glass seperating the audience from the stage. While looking for the mixer I found an old tape recorder, and started to think that it would be cool to use it to play loops. I was then in a basement, and people were using their blood to draw pictures, I had a bloody nose, and I put some of my blood into a test tube, and I was thinking to my self that it would e good to have some of my own blood on hand if I did, because then I could be cloned. Posted by Picasa
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Saturday, March 18, 2006

the last crusade Posted by Picasa
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Friday, March 17, 2006

Watching a police movie. some zombie pops up and says. "Hey zombie" to me.

Im in a new gym, and form some sort of new art group. I begin tagging "zig" everywhere. I am amazed that it sounds so much like zig heil. I don't want to be associated with the nazis.

I was at a basketball game, and it is some sort of co-ed league. The rules state that you must have at least two girls on the court at all times. before the game I am walking around the campus, and there are all these football players marching in formation, i am amazed how much mlike nazis they look, I see a group of cheerleaders coming, and get scared that they are going to give me some school spirit so I run away. THe game starts, and for a period of time I run onto the court, and try to play , I am just wearing my normal clothes, but something goes wrong, and all the players go somewhere. The game gets called because there is a fight between two of my friends. I am leaving the game and I run into my friend Pavla, she is getting into a car that is totally packed. I need a ride home, but there is obviously no room in the car. they wave to me as they drive away. I am wandering around aimlessly when I see this car moving sporadically. it's turning in cirles, and runs into a nice old mercedes. I open the passenger door, and mamage to jump into it. I try to start driving it, but it's like the car is possesed, I manage to drive it out of the capus area where the game was taking place, and stop on the street. right as I stop there is a tow truck that pulls up in front of me, a guy gets out, and says he's from the lot where the car went crazy and drove off by itself, apparently not the first time its happened. after loading up the car, I ride back witht hem to the lot, they are listening to a radio version of unsolved mysteries inside the dealership there are a lot of workers. I meet the head dealer guy there, and he is grateful that I had commondeered the car, I want some kind of reward but there is none. He telles me that the last time the car went crazy and drove away they found a cigarette in the ashtray. This is supposed to sound really eerie, because there was no one in the car, then he reveals once again that they found a cigarette again in the ashtray. He asks me if Ii smoke, and I say yes, and then he offers me a cigarette. he says he is going to start selling marijuana to make more money, i think if i should tell him where to buy some, but decide against it. I am then with some girl walking through the dealership whcich looks a lot more like a type of chop shop, people are welding all around me, and then I realise that there is some sort of poison gas inside the car, and that if you light a fire anywhere near it the car will explode, I run upstairs where they are working on the car to warn them, when I come into the room, there are a lot of workers welding already. they are listening to unsolved mysteries. Posted by Picasa
posted by Jeremiah Palecek @ 10:45 PM  
Thursday, March 16, 2006

There was some sort of large asrtonomical event taking place, and people were assembling these absolutely huge telescopes in open fields. There were gazillions of starts in the sky, and all the constelations were connected like they are in science textbooks. I was constructing a large telescope, and there was some sort of process involved that was similar to weaving a basket. I didn't think that the telescopes were very safe. Bill Clinton was there, driving an old car, and he was really cool. My dad and I went into a museum, and there were these little planes made out of balsa wood, and the bottom of the plane had a cylindrical device that had a little red light on it. For some erason my dad wanted to steal one of these planes. I acted like I was looking for t shirts to buy in order to distract the workers there. My dad put one in his pocket, but when he went through the security thing, the alarm went off, because the little cylindrical thing was a magnet that prevented people from stealing it. He walked back into the museum, and took it out of his pocket to the surprise of the workers. I was then playing soccer, and I was playing really dirty, tripping people, and such, I scored one goal, but missed my second chance by inches.
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posted by Jeremiah Palecek @ 3:56 PM  
Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I was in an old house I used to live in back home. There was a super nintendo, and they had the game super mario brothers 2 in it. There was also a a large hood for the oven in the same room. The hood had a large sucking device that was sucking out all the bad fumes. I was playing with it. There was going to be some inspection of the house, and we had to find where to get natural gas. Then i started finding all these cool small childresn guitars. they had large removable memory sticks in them. One was like a sampler/drum machine, and whatever you sang into it would be transformed into a king vitamin song, complete with new lyrics. I really liked this piece of equipment.
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posted by Jeremiah Palecek @ 8:33 PM  
Monday, March 06, 2006

Something weird has started to happen. My dreams are beginning to get filled up with images of paintings. So my dreams are beginning to fuel the source material for my blog, and my blog is seeping into my dreams. I was back in my hometown and everything was really different, i went to a school reunion, and a lot of people were still at the school. One girl who used to be really beautiful had become a midget wearing a mask. Then I realised that it was a mask of a girl who got some sort of fast aging disease, and the kid was wearing her mask for halloween. THe mask was grey, and disgusting, on a midget body. There was a large cliff on the outside of town, and I was trying to get back into town. I no longer knew my way around my home town, but as I was driving, I thought to myself "wow, I ve thought about coming back, to see what its like, and now I don't recognise anything" One thing I remember was amazing to me was the size of the sky. There was some sort of an assignment that was due, and my father and I were in the library and we took the typewriter from the woman at the desk there. We went back to the house, and were in the bathroom, and there was scribbling on one of the cuppords. They were in german, I think it said weir zig like a million times. on the shower curtain there was a painting of my feet with a timecode, and on the wall, a cartoon of a head that appeared to be mine with writing above it that said, budeme brecet dokud budes ve vezeni
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posted by Jeremiah Palecek @ 6:18 PM  
Saturday, March 04, 2006

Somehow I got super rich, and I bought a brand new yellow lamborghini, it was so rediculously fast. I was driving down my home street, and every time I touched the gas I would make the tires jump on the pavement. Inside the tapedeck I had a tape from death row records. It was pretty fun to drive. I drove to a freinds house in my hometown, and sat on teh carpet. It was strange, my friends father was obsessed witht he house, and wanted to fix it up all the time, but instead it was just getting more and more run down. There was a fire place in the corner, and the mother brought me out some satin fabric saying that she was going to make a pillow for me becausee of my achivements. Then word got out that I was driving the lamborghini, and someone asked me how much it cost, and I said 250. All the people there were just going to art school, and they looked up to me because I got so rich from my art work. There were some children who were making signs, and they drew them on the lamborghini, and the ink soaked through the paper and left this area in the paint where you could see what they had written. The father of the house went crazy, and he was trying to clean it, he had an electric buffing machine, and he figured this was the only way to get it off.. I was then In a school classroom setting and everybody had toi make drawing about television, I hadn't finished my drawing, so I was doing it in class, everybody had just done tv logos, and I wanted to do something more metaphorical, so I created a hot air balloon with some creature leaning out, , the teacher came around to me, and he was disappointed with my drawing even though itwas almost finished. he moved on to the next person quickly. this annoyed me a lot, and so i went to sit in between the aisles, the lights were turned off now, and they were showing a movie in the class room. everyone was dancing at the front of the class, and I didn't understand why. The movie had to do with television, and there was a girl in the class whose parents were famous illustrators. In one scene a black man was keeping a secret, and then it went into surreal weirdness, and the black man was surrounded by twinkies, all with little tops of hair made out of frosting. Posted by Picasa
posted by Jeremiah Palecek @ 7:37 PM  
Thursday, March 02, 2006

There was a man who built a raft and wanted to sail on the vltava. we were all standing in the water, and as soon as he got on the raft, there was thunder and lightning, and the river began to swell. I went to a bar, and all the power went out there, and they were playing entire cds, they had a mix cd of mine there, and tracks 7 and 8 were king vitamin songs. The girl working the bar kind of passed through them quickly, I had a bag lunch with me, inside of it I had ice cream, vodka, and peanut butter and jelly sandwhich. I was trying to eat my food, but it was like I was drunk, but I hadn' even drank anything. I fell off my chair, and I look up, and justin bateman is giving a speech, he sits down, and bill o reilly gets up, and wears this kosak style hat, and puts on these round glasses, and he says he s trying to look like a jew. The bar is packed full of people now, and in the backroom is an art exhibition, and a ping pong table. The piece had something to do with 14 seperate paintings, and I was trying to take notes on all the works. In all of the paintings, there were only heads, and possibly one arm coming ito sight, in one a younger boy (maybe 15) was wearing a helmut. I started talking to the barwoman, and she said that she played violin for an opera based on lord of the rings, I started talking about schnitke with her, and I told her something about the way that schnitke falls into chaos, and how this was the type of music that could make me cry, not because it was beautiful, but because someone could so greatly reflect the human condition in a musical piece. There were these huge guys from argentina (body builders in tight leotard type uotfits) playing footbalek with some normal teenage looking american types. THey said something about eating meat, something to the effect that without electricity, they were unable to eat vegetables. Then I was walking around prague, and the new fad was for women to cut out the asses of their jeans. I was trying to go to some clothing shop, but I was completely lost, I didn't even know where I was going anymore. there was some sort of a aerobics class, where everyone emulated various sexual positions. Posted by Picasa
posted by Jeremiah Palecek @ 5:09 PM  
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