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Tuesday, February 27, 2007
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons; Hillsfar

Advanced Dungeons & Dragons; Hillsfar

I think I can safely say that Hillsfar is the Worst Role-Playing Game Ever Made. Actually I changed my mind, it's only safe to say that if you accept that this is an RPG in the first place, which it really isn't, despite the AD&D title.

There is absolutely no role playing involved. Your primary goal seems to consist of breaking into people's houses and stealing all their money without getting caught by the guards. Even when you are doing your job, following the missions given by your guild or whatever, you are always an outlaw. Your alignment doesn't matter. Your class doesn't matter. Clerics can't heal themselves, Magic-Users can't use magic, and Thieves are the only class that have any trouble stealing things, because everyone else can just break the lock, while a thief is supposed to use lock picks, which is nearly impossible and results in a bag full of broken tools rather than getting away with the loot.

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