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Monday, February 12, 2007
A Nightmare on Elm Street

As you walk down Elm Street, look for open buildings. You have to go in, collect all the items there, and then fight the boss to get out. Freddy will also come occasionally and try to get you, just fight him off as best you can. There several items which are important to collect. First, obviously, the bones, which will be scattered throughthe various buildings. Next are cups of coffee which refill your sleep meter, and a radio which will wake you up from the dream realm. Finally, the Dream Warrior tokens which give you special powers in the dream world to help you defeat Freddy. The runner icon gives you a javelin attack and a somersault jump. The yin-yang gives you a throwing star and jump kick. The wizard hat gives you a magical attack and hovering ability.

Nightamre on Elm street is actually a pretty interesting game. The graphics aren't great but the gameplay is decent. The Dream Warriors add some variety, since you need to collect them all to get past certain areas, and you get to choose which one is most effective for any given situation.
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